• Any ECN/STP account with a reputable broker with a stops level less than 2, and this can be known easily from your Meta trader -> Market Watch -> XAUUSD -> right click -> Specification.
  • Broker allowance of expert advisor “EA/Robot” utilization.
  • The auto trading service is cent account compatible, works with all types of accounts and is not broker sensitive.
  • Spreads by no means will represent any issue or be an obstacle regardless how high it is as long as you have an ECN account with reputable broker.
  • Slippages are meaningless since the strategy is not tick, or super scalping.
  • Commissions will be always covered and no need to worry about it as long as its below $6 for every 1 standard lot.
  • Usually no trades by any means are executed on days with major news releases.
  • Trades carried on from previous days will be highly managed.

Answer : The robot is designed to trade on daily basis and open trades when the low risk, high probability setups for a trade occur.

You may find that there are days without any trades executed at all, and that is very normal.

  • All you need to know is the basics of Meta Trader 4 in general, no previous trading experience needed, everyone can benefit from this, newbies and experienced traders.
  • There is no PC minimum requirement or such super high internet speed is required, however, your PC or laptop should be always connected to the internet with your Meta Trader 4 platform opened and connected to the internet, otherwise you can purchase the cheapest VPS available, and more info about that will be included in the manual guide.
  • No, you don’t need that once you have downloaded your copy and installed it correctly, it’s a set and forget approach.
  • You can benefit from the auto trading service with an account as low as $1000.
  • It will include your copy of the mirror robot lifetime license, a manual guide on how to install it and a one year of support, and lifetime updates.
  • A complete manual guide on how you will do the correct setup and money management instructions.
  • You will receive your robot copy and a PDF guide for how to install and set everything correctly within 12 to 24hrs from your purchase.

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